About Us

CAPEX is an independent firm providing audit, tax, and advisory services. Our team of experts pays attention to the finer details and adopts an “out-of-the-box” approach to provide your brand incredible value.


CAPEX is an independent firm providing audit, tax, and advisory services. As a leading financial firm, we have made it our mission to provide every business client auditing, accounting and consultancy solutions they can trust. We are committed to bringing industry relevant audit, accounting and advisory services to support financial and professional goal achievement. In a highly competitive and often unpredictable market we understand the ever-changing needs of businesses. From the SME to major corporates, outsourcing offers the flexibility, experience and affordability every organization needs to thrive. Our team of experts pays attention to the finer details and adopts an “out-of-the-box” approach to provide your brand incredible value.

Established in 2012 and with years of experience in the industry, we have achieved and maintained an incredible list of satisfied clients. Able to speak 10 languages, CAPEX is prepared to address your most pressing and complex financial requirements in a language you as our client, feel most comfortable communicating in. With more than 40 staff members as part of our permanent team, we have impressed and assisted more than 2000 satisfied clients with our professional outsourcing services and courteous approach.

Our services include specialization in internal and statutory audits, business consulting, accounting and financial management. We are committed to addressing the pressing financial matters and risks that plague business success. CAPEX is aware of pressing market demands and a need to stay on top of your financial practices. We are also aware of the need for businesses to manage and streamline its operations through economical services. For these reasons CAPEX has developed an integrated team of experts ready to provide outsourced services in important financial matters. We perform complete reviews and management methods to aid any sized company in achieving its bottom line and more.

Our Practice


Audit and Assurance

CAPEX provides both an internal and statutory audit. Audits aim to help your brand reach its objectives, 


Innovation, transformation, and leadership in business occur in many ways.


Accounts Management

CAPEX – BEST Accounting company in Dubai specializes in providing outsourced accounting services.


Why Choose Us

As an outsourcing business, CAPEX delivers confidentiality, professionalism and undeniable value to the fore. We ensure that every business receives the financial expertise needed to advance its wealth and reach success. Our competitively priced fee structure enables more companies, even small enterprises, to receive a highly professional financial service that otherwise, may not be afforded internally.

CAPEX brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience to all clients. Our goal is to take the stress out of financial management and compliance processes. Our professional staff can provide advisory services including the introduction of accounting systems and business practices for the start-ups. We also deliver expert solutions from restructuring and automation to streamlined accounting procedures.

When you need flexible, affordable and highly professional auditing, financial accounting, and consulting services, CAPEX is a name you can trust. Our aim is to provide every client the value they need and deserve in every financial practice.
The outsourced CAPEX team in the UAE is committed to maintaining confidentiality and assuring compliant services. Allow us to help you run your business more effectively and make the best possible financial decisions for every future success.

Modern Accounting Software

We work on any software – from Excel to SAP, including Russian 1C, as well as Quickbooks and Tally ERP.

Over 2000+ Cases

Over almost ten years of our experience, we have accumulated many expert solutions.