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At CAPEX, we don't just conduct audits;
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CAPEX AUDITING: Transforming Financial Success Since 2012

CAPEX, a leading firm since 2012, specializes in audit, tax, and advisory services. Committed to unwavering excellence, we cater to diverse business needs with flexibility and seasoned expertise. Our team of over 40 experts, fluent in ten languages, ensures personalized solutions for over 2000 satisfied clients. From internal audits to financial management, we tackle challenges and optimize operations. CAPEX isn't just an advisor; we are architects of financial success, dedicated to ushering clients into a future of excellence.

With a decade of experience, CAPEX thrives in the competitive financial market, understanding the dynamic needs of businesses. Our dedicated team embraces innovative approaches, ensuring exceptional value for your brand. Fluent in ten languages, we address intricate financial requirements to forge lasting client relationships. The success of over 2000 clients is a testament to our expertise in specialized audits, business consulting, tax, accounting, and financial management. CAPEX is more than a service provider; we are partners in your financial journey, committed to propelling you towards prosperity and achievement.

In sum, at CAPEX, we are not just auditors and financial advisors; we are architects of financial success, orchestrating the symphony of prosperity for our clients. Your financial well-being is our passion, and we are committed to ushering you into a future defined by excellence and achievement.


Audit Excellence and Financial Guidance for Success.

Uncover a decade of excellence with CAPEX, where our dedicated team excels in audits, consulting, and financial management.




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CAPEX: Your financial ally since 2012. We specialize in audits, taxes, and advisory services, delivering tailored solutions for 2000+ satisfied clients. Let us empower your business with expertise and commitment to success

Elevate Business Confidence with CAPEX Audits.

At CAPEX, our Audit and Assurance services are more than just numbers – they're a pathway to your brand's success. With a dual-pronged approach in internal and statutory audits, we serve as trusted navigators in the complex business landscape. Choosing CAPEX means investing in a strategic partnership that unearths insights, instills confidence, and propels your brand towards new horizons of success.

Shaping Business Futures: Innovate, Transform, Lead.

We shape business dynamics by blending innovation, transformation, and leadership. Our Finance & Business Consulting goes beyond advice; it sparks innovation, nurtures transformative ideas, and guides visionary leadership. Engage with us to redefine your business trajectory and discover the CAPEX way—where the extraordinary becomes ordinary.

Elevating Accounts Management in Dubai.

In the heart of Dubai, CAPEX excels in accounts management, going beyond numbers to understand your business's heartbeat. As your financial stewards, we elevate accounting to an art form, ensuring precision and excellence. Choose CAPEX for a partnership that transforms financial stewardship into mastery.

Why Partner with CAPEX: Your Pathway to Financial Excellence

At CAPEX, we're more than an audit and accounting firm – we're your trusted partners committed to confidentiality, professionalism, and unmatched value. Our competitive fees make top-notch financial services accessible to businesses of all sizes, unlocking a world of financial possibilities. With a wealth of business knowledge, our seasoned team excels in shaping the future through strategic restructuring, automation, and streamlined accounting procedures. Choose CAPEX for flexibility, affordability, and financial finesse, empowering your business for efficient operations and astute financial decisions.

Modern Accounting Software:

We're versatile in our approach, working seamlessly with a spectrum of software, from Excel to SAP, including Russian 1C, Quickbooks, Zoho, Zero and Tally ERP.

Over 2000+ Cases:

With nearly a decade of experience, we've amassed a treasure chest of expert solutions, ready to be tailored to your unique needs.


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