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Established in 2012, CAPEX Auditing company is a leading independent audit & advisory firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. COMPANY PROFILE

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Don’t let the complexities of your financials burden you any longer. Audits aim to help your brand reach its objectives, identify potential risk factors and enhance the operations of your business. Our audits are conducted in-house, not only outsourced. Statutory audit conducted by CAPEX involves the examination of an entity’s financial statements and accompanying disclosures completed by an auditor.


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Auditing firms in Dubai

Auditing firm in Dubai

CAPEX provides both an internal and statutory audit. The process of auditing is highly complex and there is no time that is more important for a business than its ability to rely on a professional audit service they can trust.
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Consulting in Dubai, UAE

Consulting in Dubai / UAE

Innovation, transformation, and leadership in business occur in many ways. In capital investments, our team helped solve the most complex business problems of our customers. We offer business and technology strategy.
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Accounts Management

Accounts Management

In CAPEX an account manager is a staff who is responsible for the day-to-day management of a particular customer’s financial account. CAPEX specializes in providing outsourced accounting services.
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At CAPEX – no clients is too big or too small. CAPEX is an experienced and leading financial consultancy firm located in the United Arab Emirates. We value each of our clients.

Primary Practices

We cover an array of individual & corporate auditing services in Dubai, UAE
  • Auditing
  • Accounts Management
  • VAT Consulting
We cover an array of individual & corporate auditing services in Dubai, UAE

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Our clients are like family.
With years experience in the industry, we have achieved and maintained an incredible list of satisfied clients. Able to speak 11 international languages, CAPEX is prepared to address your most pressing and complex financial requirements in a language you as our client, feel most comfortable communicating in. With more than 40 staff members as part of our permanent team, we have impressed and assisted more than 5000+ satisfied clients with our professional services and courteous approach
“Our salon had many problems when we were faced with the processing and preparation of an audit in accordance with all the rules and regulations. We have been looking for a suitable company for a very long time and finally we found a CAPEX auditing. Mr.Anant helped us to put things in order in all our accounting department as soon as possible. For which special thanks to him! It seemed to me that this was an exorbitant job, and I’m really did’t understand how to figure it out. The CAPEX company really came to my rescue and provided great assistance for my business. A lot of stress has been removed from my shoulders.“

Zaida Crystal Van Der Byl

“CAPEX was very helpful to us when we wanted to implement VAT in our group companies. Right from educating our staffs to updating our accounts structure, they were super helpful. They went above & beyond what most would do in their place.“
ALONSA Middle East Trading

Sunil Khanchandani

“CAPEX team is awesome to work with. They are always proactive on audit process planning & physical inventory verification. We can’t wait to work with them again for our audit process.“

Mihai Dascaluic

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