Updating Accounts Backlog

In accordance with the provisions of the Law on Commercial Companies in the UAE, it is necessary to maintain proper books.

Sometimes companies may not keep proper ledgers and reports in the same year that business transactions occurred. This happens mainly at startups (small and medium enterprises).

Consequently, after one or two years, such companies understand the need for proper books and look for accounting firms to prepare books.

What we do

for updating accounts backlog

CAPEX’s accounting division helps clients prepare such ledgers from the date of incorporation to the present.

From you we need appropriate supporting documents. Therefore, it is important for us to receive the originals of supporting documents for transactions, including invoices, purchase invoices, payment vouchers, receipts, small cash expenses, bank statements, checks, copies of bank transfers, etc.

Our representative will visit your company office or deliver documents to our office and update all your transactions in the necessary and professional accounting software.

Keeping an account book from the day of registration plays a very important role for any business.

However, startups and small and medium-sized businesses can skip certain transaction records due to lack of finances and time to complete this work.

But within a year or two after the establishment of the enterprise, they really realize the importance of accounting records and track finances.

The UAE supports and serves as a base for startups, small and medium enterprises and helps business structures gain international fame!

When it comes to organizing and seeing a business in the UAE, the country’s commercial laws oblige them to keep proper records. In order to properly help and develop your business, the UAE state controls the financial flows of companies.

Questions that you will discuss with our specialist at the meeting:


Balance Sheet

Balance sheet (statement of financial position)

Profit and Loss Statement

Profit and loss statement (statement of comprehensive income)

Cash Flow Statements

Cash flow statements. Accounts receivable

Benchmark Sales Report

List of lenders. Benchmark sales report

Analysis Financial Ratio

Benchmark expense report. Analysis of financial ratio

Working Capital Analysis

Working capital analysis. Break-even analysis

Generating New Ideas

Solving Big Problems

CAPEX prepares financial statements as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)


Satisfied Clients

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Updating Accounts Backlog in Dubai

Why we are different

If you have recently started your business, then you should know that accounting services play a crucial role and you need to update all account information very carefully and professionally.

To save your time and to be able to focus on your business, CAPEX will help you professionally arrange and register everything. You will also receive a range of advice on doing business in general in the UAE Audit, Consulting, Account management

Properly maintaining and tracking all company accounts helps build the future of the company. In addition, it will help you attract investors to maximize the potential of your business. We at CAPEX will provide you with a wide range of accounting services and help you keep books from the moment you register.

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Established in 2012, CAPEX Auditing is a leading independent financial consultancy firm based in United Arab Emirates.

CAPEX specializes in outsourced accounting services. Delivered by a professional team of accountants, we can address your accountancy needs with our incredible knowledge, experience and expertise. When you partner with CAPEX for your accounting requirements, your business can achieve a competitive edge, improve the management of various financial aspects, improve your bottom line and integrate value added services. As a trusted firm, CAPEX is dedicated to helping small to large companies in reaching every financial success.

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