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Effective tax planning can give a business a competitive edge in its quest for growth and expansion, even when markets are struggling.
Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of tax management in order to increase global competitiveness.

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How CAPEX can help you:

  • Our United Arab Emirates tax specialists combine international expertise with local knowledge to provide effective commercial tax strategies tailored to the specific needs of our clients
  • We have years of experience in adapting tax strategies to different industry, legal and financial conditions
  • We help minimize direct and indirect tax liabilities. We take into account the various needs of the business and help organizations set up their business more efficiently in terms of taxation

Our core solutions include:

  • Tax administration is not easy. For smooth operation, you must be familiar with the process to ensure compliance with all obligations and standards established by the government, while maximizing your profits
  • At CAPEX, we are proud to have established ourselves as one of the best tax consultants in the UAE
  • Our portfolio covers all types of tax-related services, from the registration of value added tax to the collection and tax refund
  • Our mission is to provide our customers with practical and meaningful solutions that can help develop their business, while maximizing the use of their taxes and obligations

If you are looking for a VAT consultant to help you prepare your taxes, or if you need help concluding price agreements, we will give you this.

Our range of services includes:


VAT Registration

Registration and compliance with VAT

VAT Consulting

VAT Consulting Services

VAT Filing

Quarterly VAT filing

VAT Penalties

Revision of VAT penalties

TAX Planning

Effective tax planning for business

VAT Refund

Application of VAT refund claims

Generating New Ideas

Solving Big Problems

CAPEX prepares financial statements as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)


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Tax Consultancy in Dubai

VAT consultant to help you prepare your taxes

  Over the past years, we have provided services and solutions that have helped our customers in many industries achieve the best results through tax optimization.

With us you can be sure of fulfilling your tax obligations with the utmost ease.

  Of course, our consultants offer personalized services, no matter how complicated your taxation and VAT issues can be. Thus, we offer services in various categories with the aim of solving the most pressing problems of taxation.

  We offer you only the right set of services to cover and satisfy all your needs without compromising on quality.

  Everyday in the world – tax rules, rules and contracts change. Successful companies take tax consequences into account before making business decisions. Therefore, successful companies, working with CAPEX, do not pay more than they are required by law.

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Established in 2012, CAPEX Auditing is a leading independent financial consultancy firm based in United Arab Emirates.

CAPEX specializes in outsourced accounting services. Delivered by a professional team of accountants, we can address your accountancy needs with our incredible knowledge, experience and expertise. When you partner with CAPEX for your accounting requirements, your business can achieve a competitive edge, improve the management of various financial aspects, improve your bottom line and integrate value added services. As a trusted firm, CAPEX is dedicated to helping small to large companies in reaching every financial success.

  • Auditing – 10
  • Consulting – 8
  • Accounts Management – 6
  • Tax Consultancy – 4
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