Statutory Audit

A statutory audit is a legal procedure that must be conducted to verify the accuracy of the financial statements and statements of an organization.

Based on the specifics of each business and industry, the mandatory audit procedures are adapted in CAPEX to specific operations and customer reporting requirements.

What we do

for statutory audit

We use modern information technology to support and complement our approach to auditing and to assist firms in the UAE.

This supports all phases of the audit process – planning, execution, and reporting. We use the latest innovative audit and documentation software, which contains tools for analyzing, documenting, managing, communicating, interviewing, retrieving, verifying and presenting the audit process. We specialize in Dubai and Sharjah.

At CAPEX, when conducting a statutory audit, we verify information such as:

Advantages of conducting a statutory audit for your company:

  • It improves the company’s reputation
  • Statutory audit report enhances firm reliability
  • It helps potential customers evaluate the company before doing business with it

Statutory Audit Procedure

The statutory audit procedure includes an understanding of the operating environment of the organization and controls. The obligatory auditor should check the internal mechanisms as well as the details of the accounts.

The company must have the following documents before the start of the mandatory audit:


Company fixed assets

Bank statements with transaction details

Accounts payable and receivable

Information on secured and unsecured loans and advances

Local purchases and import purchases

Information about local sales and export sales

Inventory Details

Administrative expenses

Foreign Exchange

Details of foreign exchange earnings and expenses

Authorized Contributions

Authorized contributions and other fees

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CAPEX prepares financial statements as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)


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Statutory Audit in Dubai

Why we are different

Statutory audit

  • The auditor is appointed by the shareholders of the company
  • An audit is conducted after preparation of the final reporting
  • Statutory audit is a legal requirement
  • Conducted by an external auditor or audit firm
  • A statutory audit report must meet certain standards

Internal audit

  • Internal auditor appointed by management
  • Internal audit is an ongoing process
  • Internal audit scope is limited by management
  • Conducted by company staff or an audit firm
  • There are no strict requirements and rules for conducting an internal audit


CAPEX is a consulting firm in Dubai that offers a wide range of services, including: audit, accounting, VAT, tax consulting, software and management. We provide the best audit services in Dubai and its environs.


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Established in 2012, CAPEX Auditing is a leading independent financial consultancy firm based in United Arab Emirates.

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