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We believe that Internal Audit is a dynamic profession that helps organizations achieve their business goals.

Internal audit is involved in evaluating and improving the effectiveness of business processes of risk management, control and management within the organization.

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CAPEX is a auditing and consulting firm in Dubai that offers a wide range of services, including: audit, accounting, VAT, tax consulting, software and management. We provide the best audit services in Dubai and its environs.

What is CAPEX Internal Audit?

CAPEX internal auditors work with the management of the client company to systematize the analysis received.

Next, we generate reviews (audits) that are aimed at determining how well risks are managed, including the presence of the right processes and compliance with agreed procedures within the company.

Internal Auditing may also identify areas where it is desirable to increase efficiency or innovate.

Internal audits are organized as part of an ongoing audit and advisory program based on the strategic needs of the organization.

In the course of their role, internal auditors work in all areas of the organization. In addition to the main areas of financial control and IT, they consider real aspects of the business, such as the organization’s supply chain or IT system; as well as more intangible aspects, such as organizational culture and ethics. In fact, any system that affects the effective performance of an organization can be included in the scope of internal audit.

Internal audit reports are submitted to the CEO and the board of directors (through the audit committee) as they provide an independent perspective.

What is the difference between Internal and Statutory Audit?

There are significant differences between internal & statutory audit. Statutory audit is often referred as external audit & it focuses on the accuracy of the annual report and financial statements, where as internal audit has a broad summary that considers everything that may be important to the success of the organization as a whole.

Professional Standards in Internal Auditing:


The IIA provides

The IIA provides an internationally recognised framework for internal auditing

The International Professional Practices

Framework (IPPF) comprises mandatory guidance which is required

Professional Practice

Essential for the professional practice of internal auditing

Strongly Recommended

Guidance which describes practices for effective implementation

Globally Standards

These standards apply globally with over 200,000 internal auditors working within the framework

Professional Standards

Professional Standards in Internal Auditing

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CAPEX prepares financial statements as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)


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Internal Audit in Dubai

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Internal Audit is an independent, objective activity of providing and consulting, designed to add value and improve the organization. Internal audit helps the organization achieve its goals by applying a systematic, disciplined approach to assessing and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and management processes.

An organization’s internal audit is broad and may include topics such as asset protection, reliable financial and management reporting, and compliance with laws and regulations, conducting fraud checks to identify potential fraudulent activities to identify failures in control and determination of financial losses.

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Established in 2012, CAPEX Auditing is a leading independent financial consultancy firm based in United Arab Emirates.

CAPEX specializes in outsourced accounting services. Delivered by a professional team of accountants, we can address your accountancy needs with our incredible knowledge, experience and expertise. When you partner with CAPEX for your accounting requirements, your business can achieve a competitive edge, improve the management of various financial aspects, improve your bottom line and integrate value added services. As a trusted firm, CAPEX is dedicated to helping small to large companies in reaching every financial success.

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