Internal Audit Review

Internal Audit Review

Internal Audit Review

Now internal audit touches on a wider range of various aspects of the organization’s activities, helping management to identify and evaluate risks and develop measures aimed at reducing risks and improving the efficiency of systems and processes.

Internal audit is critical to managing company performance.

This provides confidence in the management of key risks in the company:

• Making informed decisions
• Improving the effectiveness of the organization

Our clients often consult with our company CAPEX on issues related to Internal Audit, Business Risk Management and Corporate Governance.
Our internal auditors work with the management of your company to systematically analyze the systems and operations within your company. These reviews, reports (audits) are aimed at identifying how well risks are managed in your company.
An audit can also identify areas in which efficiency or innovation can be made.

Our internal auditors work in all areas of the organization. In addition to the main areas of financial control and the IT sector, they consider the material aspects of operations (the organization’s supply chain or IT systems), as well as the more intangible aspects of the company (organizational culture and ethics).
In fact, any system that affects the effective performance of an organization can be included in the scope of internal audit.

Internal audit reports are submitted to the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, the General Director, senior managers and stakeholders with an independent view of whether the organization has an appropriate risk and control environment.
Then our company gives advice on improvement issues.

The work of internal audit is risk-based and covers both the financial and non-financial operations of the organization.


The main areas of internal audit:

• Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the company (audit of business processes of the organization or operational audit)
• Ensuring the reliability of all types of reporting (accounting, financial, managerial, tax audit)
• Asset security
• Compliance with legal requirements and internal regulatory documents

Benefits of Internal Auditing

Internal auditors deal with issues that are critical to the survival and prosperity of any organization. Unlike external auditors, they go beyond financial risks and financial statements to consider broader issues such as the organization’s reputation, growth, its impact on the market, and how employees perceive it.

Internal auditors help your organization succeed by providing a combination of certification and counseling services.

Part of the assurance mainly involves informing managers about how well systems and processes are designed to keep the organization on track. This then leads to consulting, where we help improve these systems and processes.

We are constantly working with company management to introduce new, more efficient operating systems. To provide added value and fill gaps in skills and talents.

Many leading organizations and companies in Dubai turn to CAPEX for this service.

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