Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is an analysis that takes into account all relevant project factors, including economic, technical, legal and calendar indicators, to determine the likelihood of a successful project completion.

Project managers use feasibility studies to identify the pros and cons of the project before investing a lot of time and money in it.

What we do

for feasibility study

Feasibility studies can also provide company management with important information that could prevent the company from blindly entering a risky business.

As we understand the feasibility studies in our company

A feasibility study is an assessment of the practicality of a proposed plan or project. We carry out research on the feasibility of the project. We analyze whether the company has the necessary staff, tools, technologies and resources to implement the success of this project? Will the project receive the return on investment (ROI) that we need and which we expect.

The importance of feasibility studies

Feasibility studies are important for business development. They can let the company decide where and how the company will operate. They can also identify potential obstacles that may interfere with his work, and determine the amount of funding needed to start a business. Feasibility studies focus on marketing strategies that can help convince investors or banks that investing in a specific project or business is a smart choice.

Our goals of the feasibility studies are as follows:


Fully Understand

Fully understand the project concept

Recognize all Problems

Recognize all potential problems that may arise during the implementation of the project

Determine Project

Determine if the project is viable after considering all relevant factors

Maximize the Likelihood

Maximize the likelihood of implementing this project over time

International Experience

We use the international experience of large companies

Feasibility Studies

Project managers use feasibility studies to identify the pros and cons

Generating New Ideas

Solving Big Problems

CAPEX prepares financial statements as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)


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Feasibility Study in Dubai

Why we are different

When carrying out the feasibility study, it is always useful to have an emergency response plan B, which we also prepare to ensure that it is viable in case of failure of plan A.

In preparing and implementing the Business Plan, we use the international experience of large companies.

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