The Ethnic Composition

The Ethnic Composition

The Ethnic Composition Of The Uae

Ethnic Arabs and indigenous people make up less than half the population. Most of all in the country of the Middle East live Indians, Pakistanis. In the UAE, the number of citizens from Bangladesh (700 thousand – 1 million), Iran, the Philippines (500 thousand), Egypt, Nepal, Sri Lanka (400 thousand), and Saudi Arabia is increasing every year.

In the United Arab Emirates live 250 thousand Russians, residents of the CIS countries. The UAE is popular among Russians, Europeans in the tourism industry. About half a million Russian citizens visit the country every year.

Indigenous people

The number of indigenous people is more than 1 million people. The local population in the UAE, which accounts for 11% of the total number of people, are Sunni Muslims. Citizens are called Emirates, Bani Yasi, Suvadi, Al-Shamsi, depending on the emirate’s residence.

The indigenous population of the UAE has a privileged position regarding job opportunities. Only 10% of residents are unemployed.

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