Dubai City

Dubai City

Dubai City

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and a deep-sea seaport, the administrative center of the emirate of Dubai, the most important trade and financial center of the UAE and the entire Middle East. Located on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

Between 1954-1971, Oman was the administrative center of the British protectorate. In Dubai, a variety of international conferences, festivals, exhibitions, etc. are held, it is planned to hold the world exhibition Expo 2021 (in the Ibn-Battuta region -> DIP). It is planned to open the metro and Al Maktoum International Airport.

Short information:
   –  Emir Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum
   –  Founded 1833
   –  Area 3,885km²
   –  Height NUM 5 m
   –  Climate type arid
   –  Population of 3,286,620 people (2019)
   –  Katoykonim Dubai, Dubai
   –  The official language is Arabic

How nice to be a citizen of Dubai! Emirate citizens are provided with everything. Most of them work in the public sector and therefore have not felt the consequences of the outflow of loans. It provides free education up to a Ph.D., free housing for newlyweds, free medical care, free telephone calls and free taxi rides; so Dubai is a paradise for its citizens. To be fired, your incompetence is not enough, the law is structured so that there is no way to get rid of a working citizen of the emirate. The average annual per capita income is $ 120,000, so most have nothing to complain about.

Everyone here loves Sheikh Mohammed, considering him an outstanding ruler. They do not see a despot in him and are not very upset, due to the lack of political freedoms. To the question of whether their emigrants do not bother, the citizens of the emirate answer in the affirmative, considering those inevitable evils that have to be endured in exchange for prosperity.

In fact, everything in Dubai can dry out, because there is only enough water for a week, so if revenue ceases, everything will turn into a desert in a month. Due to the lack of natural sources of water supply, all water comes from desalination plants, where a unit of produced water is more expensive than the same volume of oil produced, not to mention the carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Political freedoms. Despite the appearance of a liberal society, Dubai (like all the UAE) severely censors the media. All Internet sites are tracked and pages of dating, same-sex love, pornography and all Israeli sites are eliminated. But despite such restrictions, prostitution flourishes.

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