Fujairah (Al Fujairah)

Fujairah (Al Fujairah)

Fujairah (Al Fujairah)

Al-Fujairah (Fujairah; Arab, dawn) – the emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The capital is Al Fujairah. Area – 1166 km², population – 137,940 people (2008).

Unlike other emirates, it is located on the shores of the Gulf of Oman of the Indian Ocean. The territory of Al Fujairah stretches along the bay for more than 90 kilometers. A significant part of the territory of Fujairah is occupied by mountains, approaching the coast almost close to it.

Al Fujairah is the youngest emirate of the UAE. Originally part of the emirate of Sharjah. In 1901, the local sheikh proclaimed the independence of Al Fujairah from Sharjah, but England recognized it only in 1953. In 1892-1971 the territory of Al Fujairah was part of Treaty Oman. Since 02/02/1971 as part of the UAE.

Sheikhs (since 1971 emirs) of Al Fujairah from the family of al-Sharqi

   –  1876-1936 Hamad I bin Abdallah
   –  1936-1974 Muhammad bin Hamad
   –  1974 — to this day, Hamad II bin Muhammad

   –  Adm. Al Fujairah Center
   –  Emir Hamad II bin Muhammad al-Sharqi
   –  Date of foundation 1953
   –  Area 1,166 km² (5th place)
   –  Height 134 m
   –  Population 137 940 people. (for 2008) (6th place)
• Density of 118.3 people / km² (4th place)

The emirate does not have the main source of wealth and prosperity of the UAE – oil, but there is a very conveniently located and dynamically developing seaport. Fisheries and agriculture are the main activities in Al Fujairah.

The pride of the emirate is sandy beaches and mountainous capes, picturesque gorges, many mineral springs and greenery, making the emirate very popular among tourists.

There are many attractions in the emirate of Al Fujairah. In the mountains on the Sharjah-Al Fujairah highway, there is a traditional Friday market, offering tourists a huge selection of carpets made in different countries, national pottery and souvenirs.

Here is a miniature building of the oldest mosque in the UAE, built in the 17th century. In the north of the emirate is the fishing town of Dibba Al Fujairah, which is one of the best places for snorkeling with snorkelling and scuba diving.

Former palace of the Emir of Al Fujairah – the fortress of Al-Hale is located 8 km south-west of the capital of the emirate. The easternmost fort of the country is El Bitna (1735). Ruined fort with a small pond and palm grove in Wadi Dafta.

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