Ajman City

Ajman City

Ajman City

Ajman is the smallest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The capital is Ajman. Area – 259 km² (0.3% of the country), population – 372 923 people (2008).

The UAE joined the UAE on December 2, 1971.

Ajman area is a very relaxing place to relax on the white beaches. It will appeal to those who want to save on the cost of hotel accommodation and at the same time easily get to the entertainment of Dubai. Ajman’s beaches stretch for 16 km. On many beaches there is white sand, the photos from the beach are just wonderful.

Palm trees grow on a strip of sand, creating a natural shadow. The entrance to the water is gentle, which is convenient for families with children.

There are few hotels in Ajman, most are located near the coast. Prices for accommodation in Ajman hotels are significantly lower without compromising service than in Dubai and Sharjah, so those who want to save money are often choosing holidays in the emirate. In Ajman is one of the most luxurious hotels in the UAE – Kempinski.

Ajman is one of the poorest emirates, so he cannot boast of chic skyscrapers or luxurious galleries. Fishermen and pearl hunters lived here from ancient times. Now one of the most popular excursions in Ajman is to the old shipyard, where traditional teak dhows are made and grandiose sea liners are built.

Ajman’s curious attraction is the camel race track, the Dromadrom.

Near Ajman, on the territory of the Masfut enclave, there are mineral springs that provide the UAE and even neighboring countries with drinking water. The springs are equipped with baths.

Ajman allows the sale of alcohol (non-Muslims). A store is located next to Ajman Beach. The bulk of the population lives in the capital of the emirate. Ajman also includes two exclaves: Masfoot (110 km to the southeast) and Manama (60 km to the east). Shipbuilding, pearl mining, date growing. University, Medical Institute.

–  Adm. Ajman Center
–  Emir Humayd IV Ibn Rashid al-Nuaimi
–  Date of foundation December 2, 1971
–  Area 259 km² (7th place)
–  Height 13 m
–  Population 372 923 people. (2008) (4th place)
–  Density 1439.86 people / km² (1st place)
–  Official website https://www.ajman.ae/

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