Accounts Payable Management

Accounts Payable Management

Accounts Payable Management

Probably, it will not be an exaggeration to say that debt, the constant companion of mankind, has firmly entered our life and penetrated into all its spheres.

A special place in the life of modern society is occupied by monetary debt obligations. Their scope and prevalence are diverse. From a few rubles borrowed from a friend for a couple of days, to billions of dollars of government debt, which is almost never completely repaid. But the priority in terms of size, diversity, frequency and complexity of debt obligations belongs to economic entities: companies and other institutions engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

Their debts are constant, and are caused not only by the lack of money at the time of payment or in excess, but also by the desire to lend part of their funds in order to return it with an additional profit, expressed as a percentage.

Debts of enterprises have become part of the management system.

Accounts payable are the debts of the enterprise itself to payers, customers, tax authorities, employees, etc.

The methodology of accounts payable management is part of the general policy for managing current assets and the marketing policy of the enterprise, which is aimed at expanding the volume of sales of products and consisting in optimizing the total amount of this debt and ensuring its timely collection.

The objective of CAPEX:

1. To consider how the management of accounts payable in your company works.
2. To analyze the effectiveness of accounts payable management
3. To draw conclusions about the possibility of repayment of accounts payable
4. Offer the most effective solutions for the repayment and repayment of all debts.

Our company has more than 10 years of experience in this field and therefore you can always be sure of the professionalism of our employees.

If you don’t contact our company in time, you may have overdue accounts payable, which leads to the payment of fines and worsening financial condition.

Accounts payable (A / P) – the indebtedness of a subject (enterprise, organization, individual) to other persons, which this entity is obligated to repay.

Accounts payable arise if the date of receipt of services (work, goods, materials, etc.) does not coincide with the date of their actual payment.

Responsibility for malicious evasion of repayment of accounts payable is provided for by the Law!

In accounting, it is customary to distinguish several types of accounts payable:

1. Debt to suppliers and contractors
2. Debt to the staff of the organization
3. Debt to extrabudgetary funds
4. Debt on taxes and fees
5. Debt to other creditors

CAPEX helps to properly manage accounts payable to enterprises and helps get an opportunity for interest-free lending!

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